Ghost Tribe - "Cocoa-Kola Blast" Liquid Tea Supplement

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Ghost Tribe’s - "Cocoa-Kola Blast" Liquid Tea Supplement - Strong antioxidant and caffeine replacement.
4oz by Vol. / Makes approx 24 servings

This product is produced from all organic herbs into a concentrated syrup for your easy of use and the strength of the tea. Whether taking it on the go or using at home, hot or cold, this gives you the best possible way to integrate the helpful properties of these herbs into your system.

The original recipe for the popular American soft drink contained some of the same ingredients used in our tea, and are what gave it its name. Eventually the use of flavoring extracts became the norm to cut costs. We developed our recipe with the idea of finding something to replace energy drinks without all the jittery side effects of most caffeinated products. It is a Oolong Tea base which contains a good balance of caffeine and antioxidants.

Cacoa beans and Kola Nut are both rich in natural caffeine, but work on different parts of the human system. Both ingredients are known to be used by aboriginal tribes of South America to increase stamina and performance during times of war or migration. To help balance out the raw power of these stimulants we added Ashwaganda which helps to keep from experiencing the shakes or nervousness. To give it the rich bold flavor desired, carob and ginger were added to make it a perfect breakfast tea or afternoon pick me up. Always remember that just because it is natural doesn’t mean that stimulants won’t cause adverse effects if misused. This will make you grind your teeth if consumed heavily. Trust us!

Notes: Rich and bold nut and bark flavors, mixed with hints of bitter chocolate and spice. Dark brown in color. 1 teaspoon serving in the bottom of the cup and fill with hot water for desired effect. Can drink tea as often as desired, and works well mixed in cold water for a refreshing rush.