Ghost Tribe - "Night Owl" Liquid Tea Supplement

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Ghost Tribe's - "Night Owl" Liquid Tea Supplement: Have troubles sleeping? Quit adding chemicals in your body with melatonin and sleeping aids, and let your body shut down naturally!
4oz by Vol. / Makes approx 24 servings

This product is produced from all organic herbs into a concentrated syrup for your easy of use and the strength of the tea. Whether taking it on the go or using at home, hot or cold, this gives you the best possible way to integrate the helpful properties of these herbs into your system.

A solid sleep cycle is a key component of a healthy life. Many of us due to daily stressors, work schedules, erratic sleep cycles, and demanding jobs don’t find it easy to sleep when the time is allotted. Having erratic sleep cycles and the buildup of daily stressors can take a toll on our overall health very quickly. Most of us just want to get to sleep, but the pharmaceutical options on the market that just knock you out are not without some severe side effects that can hamper healthy sleep in the long term. Some are even super addictive.

The combination in Night Owl though simple in theory is a complex make up of herbs that target multiple key factors in sleeplessness. Chamomile and Eucalyptus are known well for their therapeutic calming effects, but also for helping to relieve inflammation in the gut. What does that mean for sleep? Imagine that there is a possibility that inflammation of the digestive tract is keeping you up at night. It may be overlooked since this inflammation can cause stresses on the body that are not observable.

But to really cover all the bases we need to focus on the all the systems at once. While the previous ingredients work at calming the digestive system, Passion flower can boost the level of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain. This compound lowers brain activity which can fight restless thoughts keeping you up. Blue Vervain targets stressors on the nervous system, while St John’s Wort is claimed to increase Serotonin output. Now that the calming effects have been addressed to your body, nervous system, and the brain, we just need to add the final ingredient to put you to sleep naturally. Valerian Root has been studied for its sedative qualities allowing for you to fall asleep faster, and have better quality of sleep. Some indicators say that a the longer and more frequent you take Valerian the more you will notice the benefits.

Some of these ingredients have had claims of possible interactions with prescription anti-anxiety/anti-depressants, and though not noted there may be interactions with psychotropic medications. It is also important that you talk to your doctor before taking if you are pregnant or breast feeding, as the digestion of any herbal compound will also be passed on to your little one.

Notes: Rich, dark, taste profile. Herbal and earthy on the pallet. Allow 6 hours sleep time minimum for 1 teaspoon serving in the bottom of the cup and fill with hot water for desired effect. Usually takes 15-20mins for natural sleep to take effect. Warning: start with a smaller dosage because larger dosages can really knock you out and leave you groggy the next day if you don’t allow enough sleep time. Though you can take larger doses, it is best to start small and work your way up to the level you require. The goal is only to fall asleep naturally not to knock yourself out.