Ghost Tribe - "Gold Rush" Traditional Cured Tea Supplement

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Ghost Tribe’s - "Gold Rush" Traditional Cured Tea Supplement: The polyphenol power house and caffeine replacement.
4oz by Vol. / Makes approx 24 servings

This product is produced from all organic herbs into a concentrated syrup for your easy of use and the strength of the tea. Whether taking it on the go or using at home, hot or cold, this gives you the best possible way to integrate the helpful properties of these herbs into your system.

Although Gold Rush may make you feel like a million bucks, it was named after the flowing golden fields that several of its ingredients hail from, which give its signature golden color. We developed our recipe with the idea of finding something to replace energy drinks without all the jittery side effects of most caffeinated products. It is a Green Tea base which contains a good balance of caffeine and antioxidants. To expand on the uplifting purpose of the tea, we used Oatstraw which has a very natural type of caffeine that helps stimulate the mind with our freaking out the nervous system and causing jitters or crash. Keeping with the theme there is Ashwaganda which is a natural ingredient that helps with uplifting your mood as well. Chrysanthemum and lemon balm are used to treat a variety of conditions caused by regulating blood sugar, while helping to provide some floral notes to the taste profile. Lots of ingredients with natural healing properties in this recipe including pomegranate, one of nature’s super fruits.

Notes: Lite grassy taste profile, with subtle citrus and floral notes. Golden green in color. 1 teaspoon serving in the bottom of the cup and fill with hot water for desired effect. Can drink tea as often as desired, and works well mixed in cold water for a refreshing rush.