Ghost Tribe - Healing Wax

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Ghost Tribe’s - "Healing Wax" Beeswax balm and salve - For all skin related issues from wounds, splinters, and sunburns, to rashes, breakouts, ingrown hairs, psoriasis and much more!
2oz by Vol. / Application amount varies by use, but can easily last a month.

Originally this recipe was designed to work as a replacement for antibiotic ointment, but we wanted to turn things up a bit. The Sioux Indians used a compress of Plantain, Comfrey, and Yarrow to treat wounds during war. The herbs were ground with animal fat and tied in place with a wrap. So, we developed our salve, with a concentrate of oils from these plants. This turned out to be a remarkable combination. The first thing we noticed was that when you put it on splinters no matter how deep, they push themselves out overnight with no scars. I work with metal and wood often, and small scrapes and cuts heal incredibly fast and with no scarring.

Due to its anti- (FDA won't let me say in my description, but if you look up the herbs, they kill a lot of bad stuff) properties, we wanted to see its limitations. We have tested it on every skin issue we could find from psoriasis, eczema, to athlete’s foot and sunburns. It has worked brilliantly on almost everything it has touched. Pretty much heals any skin issue you could imagine. For most people. We had one major case of psoriasis that it didn’t work on, but the medical diagnosis was far more severe than just skin problems.

This has been an important breakthrough for me especially because I suffer from chronic foot problems that keep me from sleeping at night. This helped keep fungus at bay, healed ingrown toenails, dissolved calluses and healed scaly dry skin on my arches. One note is I put it on my feet and then sleep in my socks. Things are much better the first day, but by the third day - wow.

NOTE: The wax melts at body temperature and does leave an oily residue that doesn’t completely absorb into the skin. It can stain clothing and sheets with oil. Best to cover any wound after applying it the same way you would with any other topical healing ointment.