Ghost Tribe - Immuni-Tea Tincture

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Ghost Tribe’s - "Immuni-Tea" Tincture: Be prepared for moments of exposure by boosting your immune system naturally. Same great formula as our other Immuni-Tea products, but with a very higher concentration and absorption rate.
2oz by Vol. / Makes approx 30 servings

The biggest thing that we focus on when trying to maintain good health through our days of constant social interaction is boosting our immune system. And with the introduction of stronger and more persistent viral and bacterial infections every year as they evolve to break through vaccinations, we are constantly looking for the edge to continue function daily. To even the playing field you must supplement your system with ingredients that will give you the building blocks to create stronger antibodies, platelets, organ health, circulation, and execute destructive force on viruses and bacteria.

Our formula was derived from a Native American recipe that our ancestors used for centuries. But they did not have access to certain plants that are indigenous to India and China. With these added to the combination we have found great results in maintaining a stronger immune system. By taking this recipe whether in tincture or as a tea, we have gone years without falling pray to an illness while our coworkers fell ill around us. Even with a constant influx of tourism and different strains from around the world to fight off, nothing more than mild symptoms was even noticed. The immune boosting qualities of Echinacea, Thyme, Astragulus, Goldenseal, Elder Berries, Eucalyptus, and Slippery Elm combine to help boost every part of immune system in one convenient concoction.

While it doesn’t hurt to take daily to promote overall health, when around noticeable outbreaks at work, school, or social engagements, you should start a regimen of multiple dosages over the course of several days. We like to take our tincture when we wake up in the morning with a tickle in the throat or sinuses, or that rundown feeling. The quick jolt of buccal and sublingual absorption in the mouth will pop you awake and go to work quickly on those symptoms.

Notes: The taste is intense, best explained as cough syrup without the sugar. It is bitter and strong and the alcohol will tingle a bit. But it is totally worth it. Dark green to golden brown in color. 1 dropper serving in your mouth under the tongue and let it absorb for a bit before swallowing. Can use as often as desired, but suggested to consume daily during certain seasons.