Ghost Tribe - Mala Meditation Beads "Bamboo Wood" 6MM Size

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Ghost Tribe’s - Meditation Beads "Bamboo Wood" 6mm size, 100 stones, Approx 31 inch strand length

Whether you wish to call them Mala, prayer beads, or meditation beads, their purpose is the same. The beads help with counting your breath and maintaining focus to aid in full Zen meditation. Historically each stone would represent a different prayer or intention and you would focus on each one as you meditate. But with each religion that uses beads in meditation, variations exist. What most don’t say is that pressing the stones between your fingers and rolling along your knuckles induces pressure points that increase blood flow to your brain, thus making it easier to relax and reach a meditative state. Our necklaces are handmade out of semi-precious stones sourced from around the world. And each has a unique latent energy inside it from where it was originally mined. These are designed in a traditional Buddhist design with separators for traditional prayer, however ours are designed to cut down on the length which can get in the way of wearing them daily. They can be worn around the neck or wrapped around the wrist. The strand count is 100 beads. Each necklace is hand knotted dual strand waxed polyester, with 6mm wooden beads, and lead/nickel/cadmium free Tibetan accents. The tassel is hand tied of silky cotton-poly thread in the method that is traditional.

Specific Notes:
We have had a love affair for wood through the ages. Partially because of that connection we get to nature by being around it. Traditional Buddhist prayer beads that you are given to you when you start your journey, are made from wood in this same replication. I designed these after the ones I was given by the temple I first attended. Mine had worn and the tassels were starting to go ragged after wearing them for over 20yrs. But I could not find ones in the traditional style anymore, so I decided to make my own using the same types of materials used in my original. And I wanted ones that had that warm vibrant feel to them, so I chose to make them out of renewable resources such as Bamboo, Coconut, and Burlywood. These are a wonderful accessory and reminder of your daily intentions, as well as being unassuming. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine!

CAUTION: Please note that natural woods are porous and can be delicate. It is not recommended to shower, do strenuous labor, or extreme workouts in them. Any task that could cause them to snag or hang up could damage them or be dangerous to you.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be slight variations due to the natural color and shape differences in the wood and pendants. And since most of our beads are sourced from small artisans, many beads are made with very old techniques and hand equipment. No stone is perfectly round or the same in color or pattern. (Strands may be strung tight at first so that they can naturally loosen over time)