Ghost Tribe - "The Essential Tonic" Liquid Supplement

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Ghost Tribe's - "The Essential Tonic" Liquid Supplement: Why take a daily shot of Apple Cider Vinegar when you can have so much more? This combination gives you the perfect start to your morning!
10oz by Vol. / Makes approx 10 servings

When it comes to making the choice to be healthier, no matter what reason you have, the first place to start is your gut. The problems that plague our society when it comes to body health, sickness, viruses, cancer, immune diseases, and the such, can all be attributed in some part to our diet and the lack of proper vitamin and mineral intake. As our food sources drift further away from supporting a healthy lifestyle, we are being forced to compensate with supplements. This causes more concerns about the reliability of the supplement manufactures and their best practices for their products. It also raises questions about how much of the supplements you are absorbing and how much ends up going to waste. Supplements can be expensive and it only makes sense that you would want to make the most out of taking them.

In history there are several well documented facts about ancient cures and similarities in practice between civilized and aboriginal humans through the ages. Hippocrates is documented to have sworn by a cure of apple cider vinegar and honey for multiple maladies. All native tribes from the Native Americans to the Zulu, from Australia to Zimbabwa, have been making concoctions using roots and vegetables fermented to produce cures for sickness. They all have a common factor in mind, and that is to support the immune system, kill harmful bacteria, and increase circulation. It was important enough to be taught generation to generation, and to share with other cultures, and now we can benefit from it as well.
Ghost Tribe’s “The Essential Tonic” is a combination of apple cider vinegar, a vegetable maceration, Turmeric, and local raw honey. The ingredients are known for having many benefits that I am not allowed to publish or make claims about. Apple cider vinegar is being widely accepted as a source of beta-carotene and Malic Acid, which breaks down uric acid deposits in joints. It also helps break down and control candida overgrowth, contains potassium which our usual food sources are severely deficient in, and contains pectin which I'm not allowed to say what it regulates and reduces, but can easily be googled.

And while garlic and onions help to increase healthy bacteria counts in your digestive tract, they also destroy bad things that I'm not at liberty to go into detail about. Ginger is well known for being good for you (but you will have to google why), that combines with horseradish to stimulate circulation and opens the sinus and lungs. The combination of Curcumin in turmeric and honey are known for their good properties (which again I have been required to remove from my description), and are a substantial supplement for helping strengthen our immune system and daily health. Peppers play an important role of increasing circulation and producing Piperine that is needed to properly absorb Curcumin and take full advantage of its benefits.

The Essential Tonic uses maceration to suspend and preserve the oils, enzymes, and minerals in these vegetables so that they can be absorbed through a liquid source. It is well known that absorption rates increase significantly for liquid based supplements compared to their pill form counterparts. Also, these vegetables provide a healthy food source for necessary digestive bacteria. If you are taking Probiotics and like us, are spending $45 a month on them, you should understand that you are inviting foreign bacteria into your body, and many of them will not survive the introduction to their new home. It is Essential to provide a good food source and a balanced gut for these probiotics to make a home in. And for all these reasons we entrust in The Essential Tonic as our ultimate first step towards better health.

1oz daily to support your immune system, feed your probiotics, fight Candida overgrowth, and prevent uric acid build up.
Take 2-3 times daily if battling an infection